Parent Information

Parent Information

Our parent handbook provides thorough information that answers questions commonly asked by parents. Monthly newsletters from the school office and from each classroom teacher provide information about themes, activities your child’s classroom is focused on and important upcoming dates. Our school calendar is one of the best ways to keep connected to the learning and volunteering opportunities at Grace, and there are many! Sometimes, however, weather-related incidents change the best-laid plans, so please review our school closing policy and keep the information close at hand during the winter months.

Parent Handbook Newsletter

Closing Policy

Weather-related school cancellations and delays follow SCASD public school closings and are announced through brightwheel messaging. Click the button below to learn about GLP's snow delay and closing policy.

Snow Policy

Child Safety

Safety is a vital prerequisite to learning. Although our staff takes great care in ensuring our facility is clean, safe, and secure from potential dangers, we ask for your help with the following to ensure each child is safe:

  • Always use the main entrance to enter our school.
  • Do not prop doors open during school hours. Security and classroom doors are locked to maximize safety.
  • Deliver your child(ren) personally to GLP staff at the start of school. Children are not permitted to be left alone or find their own way anywhere on our property.
  • Discuss the importance of fire safety and evacuation drills at home to help prepare your child(ren) for on-site drills that are required by state licensing agencies.
  • Comply with our nut-free policies to ensure the health and safety of students with allergies. All staff members complete annual epi-pen training, but prevention is the best and safest measure for everyone.

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