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Working at Grace Lutheran Preschool

Grace Lutheran Preschool is a wonderful, welcoming, and joyful place to work.  We take our responsibility for children very seriously, employing top-quality teachers and staff who have experience working with children; view their work as their calling; and demonstrate leadership, teamwork, integrity and compassion for others.  In addition to the certifications/clearances that are mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Mandated Reporter Training and annual Epi-pen training are also required. For more information about our Nondiscrimination Policy click the button below.  If you meet the stated requirements and would like to inquire about openings, please email Cathy Smarkusky, Director, csmarkusky@glcpa.org.

Nondiscrimination Policy



All GLP teachers must have at least a four-year degree in either Elementary Education or Early Childhood Education.  Teachers who have a degree in elementary education must obtain a Private Academic Certificate from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Afternoon Enrichment teachers must fullfill requirements for Child Care Centers from the Department of Human Services.



All aides, specialists and support staff must have a high school degree and meet the criteria for their specific assignments as set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and/or the Departments of Human Services and Grace Lutheran personnel policies. Some higher education and documented experience working or volunteering with young children is preferred.



Working as a substitute is a wonderful way for experienced teachers and parents to re-enter the workforce, providing the flexibility families often need if they are raising young children or looking for part-time employment.  Clearances are also required for those who wish to work as a substitute.


Applicants are responsible for paying the fees to obtain clearances/certifications and employees are responsible to pay for their renewal.

Required Clearances & Training

Pennsylvania laws require our school to have four clearances on file BEFORE you volunteer:

  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse certification
  • Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record check
  • FBI fingerprinting
    or a disclosure form in lieu of fingerprinting if you have lived in Pennsylvania for the past ten consecutive years (obtained from our school office). Clearances must be no older than 24 months when presented to our school and are valid for 60 months from the issue date. Fingerprinting results from the PA Department of Education are preferred. Individuals are responsible for paying fees to obtain their clearances.
  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • Free, online Mandated Reporter Training is strongly recommended

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